7 Podcasts That Helped Me Weather 2020

Emily Bezak Writes
4 min readDec 9, 2020

By: Justin McGranahan

If you’ve been on Instagram in the past week, chances are you’ve seen someone share their 2020 Spotify Wrapped. Honestly, you probably shared yours, too. This year, Spotify introduced podcasts into their yearly overview, and I saw just how much podcasts meant to me in 2020. They meant so much to me, in fact, that I listened to 38,049 minutes of podcasts this year alone. My boyfriend was deeply disturbed by this number (for good reason), so you’re allowed to make fun of me too!

With all of that said, podcasts are growing like never before, and they’re such a huge part of my daily routine and staying productive. From true crime-based to business-oriented, there truly is a podcast (or 10) for everyone. Let’s jump into my favorites of 2020!


As my most listened to podcast of 2020, I thought it was only fitting to put this hugely successful true-crime podcast at the top of my list! In each episode, Karen and Georgia retell true-crime stories to their massive base of “Murderino” followers. This podcast isn’t just any old crime podcast, though. Karen and Georgia fill the podcast with comedic chitchat, reminding the audience that they are never laughing at the victims or stories covered, but rather coping with the worst thing in the world (murder) with the best thing in the world (laughter).

As you can see, I listened to quite a bit of MFM this year, the perfect podcast to listen to while you’re driving or doing household chores!

Listen to My Favorite Murder


If you’re a fan of Shark Tank and podcasts, The Pitch is the perfect listen for you! Hosted by Josh Muccio, each episode is exactly what it sounds like: entrepreneurs pitch their companies to investors, securing offers that can take their business to the next level. While some pitches do happen over the phone, recent episodes (due to COVID) have been offering advice to entrepreneurs that may be listening.

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