Marketers in PJs | Episode 10: 2021 Goal Planning Workshop

Emily Bezak Writes
5 min readFeb 17, 2021

By: Emma Ferrick

Have you started your year all “Gung-ho” to move mountains and change your life, only to be back to square #1 or worse-off by mid-February (or January)?

Whether you love it or hate the New Year’s resolutions that come with the new year I am here to tell you why you need to be setting goals in your life. I’m the operations manager for Emily Bezak Writes, and I designed this interactive workshop to help our participants set goals at any point in the year with tips on how to actually achieve them. In fact, 92% of people do not achieve their yearly goals, according to science. We are here to help you beat the odds!

Why Is Goal Planning Important?

“If you don’t have goals you are living in the past” — Dr. Benjamin Hardy, organization psychologist and best selling author. Goals are a psychological tool to increase your productivity. By having goals you can create an action plan, track your progress, and stay focused.

You have most likely heard of SMART Goals or goals, so I will not bore you with repeating that model because I know of another model that is particularly designed for structuring your goals and achieving them. I want to share the E-E-E model from the American Psychological Association, author Kenneth Nowack, stated that goal-setting ensures success by serving three purposes:

THE E-E-E Model:

  1. Enlightening Us
    Providing meaningful insight into our abilities and weaknesses, and by helping us prioritize our goals depending on our needs.
  2. Encouraging Us
    It provides the motivation and courage to implement the goals and execute the plans efficiently.
  3. Enabling Us
    Goal-setting enables us to achieve the balance between our real and ideal self. By implementing the goals and succeeding from it, we regain self-confidence, social support, and can evaluate our achievements.

Goals are a way to make us a better version of ourselves. I love how this model focuses on our individual state, positive enforcement, and focuses on becoming a better version of yourself.

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